The Mernahuana Zone: 127 R v. Mernagh Party

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone: R v. Mernagh Party. For past few months TMZ has had one webcast where we are rushed by court appearances. Every month since Feb. Well this weeks webcast is the final one. R V. Mernagh is finished Tues Nov 12. Join me for a party. Create your own webcast! Our webcast is organized in Google Drive and anyone may add to it.

We have made this document editable by anyone who wants to add something to the show. I’m looking for articles and video. Include headline and link and first sentence. The Mernahuana Zone Nov 12

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TMZ involves dabs, boobs, penis and more marijuana than any dorm party you’ve ever been too. A session with cannabis champion of the world includes, but not limited to, political rants, dabs, marijuana strains, boobs and gonzo news. This is what it’s like to blaze with us at Vapor Central.

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