The Mernahuana Zone: 124 By-Election Drops For Vapor Central Riding

POT TV – TMZ 124 By-Election Drops For Vapor Central Riding. After weeks of yammering every Tuesday on The Mernahuana Zone about an upcoming federal by election, it’s been announced Toronto Centre residents will go to the polls to replace MP Bob Rae Nov 25. Political wizards, including us, want you to believe this is a must watch campaign.

While other commentators will huff and puff, the by-election is significant for us because Vapor Central is located in Toronto Centre. We’ve been marching through Toronto Centre to Yonge and Dundas Square for years every 4/20. By Tuesday’s Oct. 22 Pot TV webcast (720-1020 east or 420-720 west) I’ll have invited all the front running candidates to a TMZ interview.

Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland has appeared on The Colbert Report and we’d be insulted if she turned down a weed webcast in the riding she’s seeking election in. NDP candidate Linda McQuaig has books too, but she’s never promoted them on The Colbert Report. The Green Party headquarters are located a few blocks from Vapor Central, they too have a journalist, but they won’t have far to walk for a session break.

Toronto Centre’s popularity also ensures there’s several high level b-list candidates, who we’ll get around to inviting. These candidates are commonly referred to on TMZ as the dingbat politicos. I take politics seriously, but I considered very heavily becoming the lead dingbat candidate by running a ‘I am an author too’ campaign.

Current Amazon Best In Book Seller Rank Poll (as of noon Monday)

1. Freeland (#10,009) 2. Mernagh (#35,469) 3. McQuaig (#1,337,242)

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