Time to Grow with Opus LIVE: No More Mr. Nice Guy

POT TV – Cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party candidate Mik Mann – also known as Opus – is back with his LIVE grow show on the Pot TV Network. On today’s the show: It’s the “No More Mr. Nice Guy” episode. We look in-depth at the Throne Speech, the lie it contained, and how it points to continuing and increasing fascism for Canada under the Conservative government.

Also: Update from Redbeard of Redbeard Glass and the Sensible BC auction bong! – MMAR-MMPR chat – The big *Magic Flight vaporizer giveaway – bong rips, bud porn and growing advice.

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Opus LIVE is broadcast every Monday at 4pm Pacific time. Known for his work with the BC Marijuana Party, Mik Mann is a licensed medical marijuana grower from Vancouver Island and founder of Opus Farms. He is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Check out his CC Blog.