The Human Cost of the Drug War

The heavy emphasis on the war on drugs is leading police officers to neglect other areas of public safety, according to the latest video from Learn Liberty, a project of the Institute for Human Studies.

In the video, Alex Kreit, a professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, explains that in New York City, for example, police officers have spent 1 million man-hours to make 440,000 arrests for marijuana possession since Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office in 2002. He notes that these hours could have been better spent tracking down violent criminals, such as murderers and rapists.

“Nationwide, we would save $41.3 billion every year by ending the war on drugs,” says Kreit. “That’s tens of millions of man-hours in investigation, office work, and court appearances for drug cases. We’re choosing to direct these resources to crimes other than rapes and murders, only to arresting and incarcerating large numbers of non-violent offenders.”

“Worse yet,” he continues, “the war on drugs doesn’t even work.”

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