Kubby #10: The Marijuana Mafia – Friends or Foes?

POT TV – Cannabis pioneer and activist Steve Kubby is now on Pot TV with KUBBY TV. In this episode he explores the tendency for the leadership of the drug policy reform movement to mutate from activists to gunslinger lobbyists. Some refer to these activists turned gunslingers as “The Marijuana Mafia” and don’t like how they are creating additional bad laws to further restrict, tax, and disenfranchise the rest of us. This appears to be what happened recently in California with AB 604 and people are upset.

This show presents two competing views of the drug policy reform leadership, as well as the current paradigm for cannabis policy reform. Watch the show and then let us know which view you support.


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  1. col0rado on

    the defacto drug policy reform leadership has failed; we need fresh leadership; and a smarter approach. I support Kubby as my spokesman for drug policy reform. Get behind good leadership; and good regulation. Dege’ and Shona rock the cannabis movment!