The Mernahuana Zone: 117 Naked Bong Hits

POT TV – TMZ 117 Naked Bong Hits, featuring Cannabis Champ Matt Mernagh, lights up the internet every Tuesday at 4:20 PT (7:20 ET) on Pot TV. In this episode: Twitter fans get naked with their bongs and more!

Also on the show: Hawaiian Brian from the International Cannabis Expo.

This episode from Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

We’re not expecting university students to return in droves to Vapor Central their first day back to class, but The Mernahuana Zone will be ready to HOWL up a shit storm for them. And do it again next week, because it really does feel like I’m living a flashback. Students rise up out of your Miley Cyrus induced slumber and create a world you want to live.

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Join the Potheads Who Dont Smoke Schwag in celebrating. We’re taking as many Skype calls as possible during the show to create a virtual session. Vapor Central has the possibility of hosting up to 16 callers. We want you to Skype to be of the celebrations.

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