5-Year-Old Receives Medical Marijuana to Treat Seizures

SCIENCE WORLD REPORT – The family of Zander Welton from Mesa, Arizona, plan on using medical marijuana to treat their son who suffers from severe seizures caused due to a genetic defect in the brain called cortical dysplasia that is often liked to epilepsy. The boy, who experiences seizures weekly, had his first seizure when he was nine months old.

Zander’s parents, Jennifer and Jacon Welton, have gone in for several treatments including brain surgery, shock therapy and medication to stop their son’s seizures that is combined with autism diagnosis. But unfortunately nothing seems to calm down Zander’s condition, reports abcNEWS.

Due to the genetic defect coupled with autism, Zander cannot verbally communicate and squeals and grunts. At times he takes a cup to indicate he is thirsty. Otherwise there are no hand gestures or words coming from Zander.