The Mernahuana Zone: 112 Carry On My Wayward Son

POT TV – To rise like a pot phoenix, The Mernahuana Zone on Tuesday, July 30 will require plenty of thick, intense, sticky cannabis smoke. Don’t bet your last bud we won’t stop believing in our abilities to tear down the walls of prohibition while stoner style ‘n’ pothead profiling.

We have your all favorite sessions; Pottles 420 Swap, our new segment Green Candy Press’s What’s In Your Stash (you tell us what strains or strain your toking and best explainer wins a prize), and Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag will be be puffing down and dabbing it up.

Learn leadership lessons from Attila the Hun, about marijuana strains, Ontario by-elections, and where the Toronto tokers will be this Civic Holiday.

TMZ is brought to you by the letter V for Vapor Central, the letter M for marijuana and the letter P for Pot TV.

Watch The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday July 30 at 720 east or 420 west on http://www.Pot.TV/ or inperson at Vapor Central.