Join the Sensible BC Marijuana Referendum campaign!

Please share this video, and join the Sensible BC campaign for a marijuana referendum.

Marijuana has become an important issue in British Columbia, for all the wrong reasons.

Over the past decade, B.C. taxpayers have spent about one hundred million dollars, serving criminal records to thousands of citizens, just for enjoying a plant that is less harmful than alcohol.

The costs of enforcement have been climbing for years — and for what?

These laws are wasting police resources, and allowing organized crime to profit off of B.C.’s six billion dollar marijuana industry.

Its time for a new approach.

At Sensible BC, we’re working to change these outdated laws, with a marijuana referendum, just like they did in Washington and Colorado.

We’ve written a law, called the Sensible Policing Act, which has already been approved by Elections BC.

This law will make a first step towards legalization, by stopping arrests for marijuana possession, and focusing police resources on fighting real crime.

We need your help to bring this law to a public vote.

This campaign does not rely on the whims of politicians. We can do this ourselves, with people power.

But it isn’t easy to get on the ballot so that we can have a marijuana referendum.

We will need to collect over half a million signatures, from registered voters all across B.C., just like they did to stop the HST.

We will only have 90 days to get those signatures, and we’re starting that clock this September.