Today Tonight: Mums Throw Marijuana Parties

POT TV – A Hollywood mother claims marijuana makes women better mothers and regularly throws cannabis dinner parties for her friends. Report by David Richardson from Today Tonight Australia.



  1. Anonymous on


    This program ‘Today Tonight’ is notorious in Australia (at least among impartial critics & comedians) for presenting extremely simplistic right-wing views which stress the dangers of drugs and youth!

    In recent years they have regularly presented articles showing how:

    ‘marijuana causes schizophrenia’

    ‘Marijuana causes suicides’

    ‘marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol to drive under the influence of’

    along with other presentations suggesting:

    ‘hoodies should be banned’

    ‘our youth needs a night curfew’

    Sadly IN FACT in the last year in the most right-wing state of Australia (Queensland) the above two suggestions have become law in certain regions!!!
    Not too surprising really, since in that state and two others (WA & NT) ALCOHOL HAS BEEN PROHIBITED in certain regions where almost entirely indigenous aboriginal populations live – for their own good!!!
    Yep alcohol prohibition is alive and well, all in the name of forcing people to improve their health – so much for responsible drinkers rights and pro-active measures to improve their society in order that they don’t feel the need to drink excessively, just like their mates ARE FREE TO DO as long as they live near a bigger town or city.
    I’m not the first to suggest or believe that these laws verge on being outright racist, aside from the personal freedom issues, and yet they go on; locking people up for simply possessing alcohol!

    As to the bullshit phone in poll based on a single vague question – i think i don’t even have to criticize that one.

    And the ‘not the brightest light on the christmas tree’ mom who won’t show her face on TV, who likes weed, but wants to give it up too (showing how addictive cannabis smoking is?), apparently smokes it mixed with tobacco through a mostly plastic pipe:
    Not only does the tobacco make it (the cannabis + tobacco mix) far more addictive and toxic (acutely & chronically), the plastic pipe can actually represent a DEADLY source of fumes which have been documented to have killed at least one pot smoker in France:

    Rev Mal Respir. 2011 Sep;28(7):919-23. ‘Fatal alveolar haemorrhage following a “bang” of cannabis’.
    [Article in French]
    “…We present a case, with fatal outcome, of a man of 19 years with no previous history other than an addiction to cannabis using “bang”…Death occurred 15 days later due to alveolar haemorrhage following a further “bang” of cannabis. Autopsy showed toxic alveolar haemorrhage. The probable mechanism is pulmonary damage due to acid anhydrides released by the incomplete combustion of cannabis in contact with plastic…”

    Unmentioned of course is how the Australian state of Victoria has very recently banned the marketing and sales of ‘bong’s (however the f**k they can define the difference to a tobacco pipe i don’t know) along with other states – hence promoting such dangerous practices of using plastic smoking pipes.

    What a tragedy if that womans kids found out about her cannabis habit – but wait a second, wouldn’t it be worse if she was an open alcoholic in front of them (both in terms of encouraging them to drink and/or them being on the receiving end of abusive-behaviour and/or neglect)?!

    The article also states that “…more than half the worlds opium is grown legally in Tasmania…”.
    Firstly these poppies are grown entirely for medical use and not recreational/public sales, so WTF this has to do with growing cannabis for cannabis consumers i don’t know?
    Secondly, in fact technically NO OPIUM AT ALL IS LEGALLY PRODUCED IN TASMANIA, since Australia had to sign an international treaty before being allowed to grown opium poppies, which states that all the pure opiates must be extracted from the ‘poppy straw’ using solvents and no opium would be collected because it represents a danger for diversion into the illicit drug market!?
    Amazingly that hysterical document Australia was forced/happy to sign (millions$$$ in morphine) went further to say that Australia agrees to NOT LEGALIZE ANY DRUGS INCLUDING CANNABIS for reasons i again fail to understand (except looking at it as sheer non-science based hysterical ignorance).

    Sadly polls suggest currently about 2/3 of Australians don’t want cannabis legal because of the perceived dangers – of course making many of them hypocrits!

    Yep, the removal of cannabis prohibition won’t happen in Australia until AFTER the USA’s coming success (Colorado & Washington) spreading nationwide and then to Canada. Only then will we realize the massive losses of tax$$$ going to organized, often murderous, criminals and even funding the terrorists we’re supposedly fighting!!!