Morgan Spurlock Goes Inside Medical Marijuana Business on CNN

POT TV – Super Size Me documentary film star Morgan Spurlock gets his medical marijuana card and visits Harborside Health Center on his CNN show “Inside Man.”

Watch the whole episode Sunday at 10PM ET on CNN



  1. Bhonze on

    That’s how it should be, we should have access to this wonderful plant whether we want to grow it or buy some; it should be LEGAL!!!!!!

  2. Rev., Dr. Christopher A Wright on

    As the author of an article on the presence and use of cannabis in ancient Israel and early Gentile-Christian sects, in an upcoming encyclopedia on sacred plants in the history/study of religion, I have found that cannabis (from the Hebrew: “kaneh-bosm”) has a very long and checkered history. Cultivated almost as long as corn and other grains, cannabis has been part of human history for over 12,000 years, when it was first used as a food-stuff. As any fully-trained baker can tell you, hemp seeds are a tasty and highly nutritious edible seed). Ancient man was much more in touch with the benefits of nature, the treatment of personal needs, and the potential social/industrial uses of many plants, including cannabis. Most of the major world religions are based on the mental effects of entheogens, as when shamans like Moses and Jesus the Nazarene, law-givers like Hammurabi used hashish for “being in the spirit of the Lord,” and seeing beyond the surfaces of ordinary people’s need for order; a feeling of being a “creation of the god(s)” and therefore life on this difficult planet would really be “worth it.” Today, the plant is regarded by many medical specialists to be (one of) the best things since sliced bread. Unfortunately, the “recreational aspect” has the public’s attention, the Western governments’ shorts in a knot for which they yearly spend the equivalent of a small nation’s GNP on war (on drugs, on plants, on animals, trees, people with other views of deity, people of color, students, intellectuals, historians, theologians, and — yes — the very balance of nature as they try to eradicate one of the most useful plants ever. As an informational aside: does the reader know that Thomas Edison actually constructed an entire automobile made of cannabis products, including the fuel it ran on. Peace and knowledge.