Medical Marijuana Providers Seem Kinda Threatened By The Legalization Of Marijuana

POT TV – What will marijuana packaging look like in Washington State? King 5 News interviews an activist and dispensary owner who wants strict and specific labeling regulations.



  1. QcIslander on

    More than $90 of the $200 I paid to grow 8 years of meds… was to pay for *seeds* I bought from YOU, Marc.

    Whose money are you protecting?

  2. QcIslander on

    I grew 8 years worth of my own meds for less than $200. The same strain is unobtainable anywhere because I bred it myself.

    The only reason these people care how the law works is because they *make* money this market.

    I want fair treatment for those of us who *pay* money there.

    It costs less than 3 cents to grow a gram of top quality cannabis (assuming you don’t spend your life’s savings trying not to get busted, that is). A fair retail price might be 45 cents a gram, or maybe less… for the best buds available.

    If you can’t make a profit at 50 cents a gram RETAIL, the only thing holding you back is prohibition laws.