CTV: Prince of Pot’s Wife Dislikes New Marijuana Rules

POT TV – Jodie Emery interviewed on CTV about the negative effects of Canada’s new rules for medical marijuana patients, and her husbands imprisonment in solitary confinement in a US prison.

Marc in out of solitary!

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  1. Am Patriot on

    They made 1 ounce legal and are giving us a hundred new ways to be illegal. 502 – section 27 reads, “the goal is to discourage the use of marijuana.” Now watch what happens.

  2. Brian Kerr on

    Cannabis is legal in Washington state, not in Canada.
    You think the legal market is too regulated with no home grow etc. Then fix the law you have. In the mean time there no more people going to jail for weed and if your stupid federal government decides to call a conflict on state stores, you will still have an oz of legal fairy granted weed. I believe the polling done showed the best chance to win was with no home grow. I also believe you have home grow for medical so what are medical people complaining about. It is very un-certain what will happen to Medicinal Cannabis because of legalization either way because the federal government can still f shit up. Now that cannabis is a legal product medical people should be even more protected, because you don’t have to prove your too sick to be put in a cage. Do you still prefer prohibition for all except those the government says has the correct illnesses to qualify for a get out of jail free card ?
    I-502 is not perfect. It is more freedom with medicinal and 1-502 then medical with out I-502. And don’t forget Colorado they seemed to get it right for medical and now for home grow and freedom. Canada still illegal and i cant grow because i am not sick enough to get on the list and Canadian Dr.s are not participating in the system. I have a human right to grow plants and consume plants and I don’t have to beg the enslavers for permission, which they have no right to give, to use something I have a human right to grow and consume by nature of reality. Steven Harper , A Soulless Dead Thing, thinks he can own other people and the Canadian government run cannabis medicinal system is just that, a government run system! and they will do as they please until the courts once again tell them no. You are talking about 2 different things one a Publicly supported measure and a government brought in and run mostly smoke and mirrors cannabis med system.

  3. Steve Sarich on

    You’re correct. Unfortunately, we have soooo many people preaching the “baby steps” theory. Sorry…it simply doesn’t work. There aren’t multiple ways to end prohibition…there’s only one. The idea that you can fight it through a war of attrition, has been proven wrong, time and time again. If that theory actually worked, we should have won this war already because we have the superior polling numbers on our side. Instead of acting like the superior force, who should be winning decisively, we’re constantly looking to wave the white flag. No wonder our enemies keep fighting.

    The sad thing is that, with $6.5 million dollars, and voters who thought they were actually voter for real legalization, we could have WON real legalization. People like me would not have been fighting it, we would have be whole-heartedly supporting it. The voter bought legalization and got only got one ounce of decriminalized pot….and a per se DUID law…and no personal growing. The voters got ripped off. The Emery’s supported it, without even reading it.

    Had the initiative called for removing marijuana from any schedule in the state Controlled Substances Act, and then put in regulations on how it could be grown or sold, the federal government would have been screwed. We could have actually forced the feds to reschedule. But the people involved in marijuana here were too stupid and lazy to even read the law. As long as it had the word “legalization” thrown out there….that was good enough for them, whether it was actually legalization or not. They bit on a bare hook and now they’ll suffer for it. Unfortunately, the patients here will suffer the most.

    If you’re going to hold yourself up an an icon and an activist, at least make an attempt to understand what the hell you’re talking about. This is not “hating on the Emerys”, it just a fact that they endorsed a really, really terrible piece of legislation and they don’t have to suffer the consequences for it. We in Washington, however, will suffer from it for a long time to come. Legalization, as well as medical cannabis, may have been set back nearly 20 years over this here in Washington. Passing a real legalization bill will be ten times as hard once this “experiment” fails.

    I only hope that other states don’t make this same mistakes we made here. Screw the “big names” and the “big money” and the “big promises”….especially screw the “big marijuana organizations”, like NORML. Screw the “baby steps” theory. Do legalization right or don’t do it at all. There is no way to compromise because there’s only one way legalization is every going to come about, and everything else is just a fantasy that people would rather believe rather than putting in the real work to make it actually happen.

    We had the larger army, and we negotiated our own surrender instead of pursing a real victory.

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  4. Steve Sarich on

    Now that the Emery’s supported I-502 in Washington, the state, as predicted, is trying to end medical marijuana because they insist that we’re providing it to cheaply to patients and the state won’t make any money if the patients are not forced to pay four times as much buying it through the state Liquor Control Board stores. Jody Emery was warned about this and blew it off.

    Now she’s complaining that they’re doing the same thing in Canada? Where was all her sympathy for the patients in THIS country when she supported I-502?

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition