Attorney John Conroy on MMAR Coalition Against Repeal

POT TV – Activist Jason Wilcox interviews attorney John Conroy on the MMAR Coalition Against Repeal at the 2013 Treating Yourself Expo.

From Jason Wilcox on YouTube:

“The constitutional right in Canada was reaffirmed in the Ontario court of Appeal in a case called Mernaugh, that when a doctor approves you for the use of cannabis as medicine, then you have a constitutional right to ‘reasonable access’.”

John points out that there are over 23,000 patients under the current MMAR program.

“The proposed new regulations don’t provide for the poor or provide the ability to produce their own medicine. In order to reduce their costs, people have managed to produce for $1 – $4 per gram because the $8 – $10 per gram Black Market price is the same or similar to the compassion club and dispensary prices.”

John informs us that ordinary medicine is covered by insurance and people should be allowed to reduce their costs to what they can afford and control in terms of health and safety.

“The new regulations fail to provide reasonable access therefore we are seeking a ‘Declaration of Unconstitutionality’. We (MMAR Coalition Against Repeal) seek to prevent the repeal of PPL’s and to freeze the situation and hopefully get those declaration and then the government is given up to one year to make them (MMPR) constitutional. There will be other rules and regulations to meet some of the resident’s concerns with fire. Until once we know the dates, there is no use in speculating. The situation that we are in now is that we need more Impact Statements about the consequences and the damages the people will suffer in the sense of investment in plants and strains.”

John then provides us with a glimpse of his anticipated legal strategy.

“The first action we call a ‘Representative Action’ to prevent the damages from occurring. If the damage occurs, then a ‘Class Action’ for the group seeking the damages caused by the government suddenly taking away the licence you have had for 10 – 13 years.”

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