Class in Session: American Hashcore

POT TV – Get weeducated! Watch Class in Session LIVE every Tuesday at 11AM-1PM PT on Pot TV and This week: Adam Bowen talks about energy fields as Al celebrates American Hardcore.

Al the Alchemist, Chris Bennett, David Malmo-Levine, Adam Bowen and Bubbleman are just some of the hosts of Class in Session, a new weekly show on B-Real of Cypress Hill’s internet TV network. Watch every week to see the potfessors school viewers in the curriculum of fine cannabis smoking.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Phenotype does have something to do with environment but not how they suggest. for example a variegated pheno, they suggest if this pheno was grown in a different enviro it would produce a different perhaps non variegated. Of course enviro does change how the plant looks to some extent but you can select for specific pheno which is the expression of the genotype. when a genotype has more then one phenotype it is known as a polymorph which of course is why there is selection/evolution. 🙂 so when there is 2 or more phenos it is not because inconsistent growing conditions but variation in the population. Lay off the clones bra 😉

    Anyway, maybe I mistook what you were trying to say but thought id clear it up(if i did lol)