Bringing It Home: trailer for the hemp documentary

This is the trailer for the new industrial hemp documentary BRINGING IT HOME (52 minutes), telling the story of hemp’s past, present and future through interviews with hemp business leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the globe, historical images and media clips, and footage filmed in the U.K, Spain, Washington D.C., California and North Carolina. The documentary aims to magnify dialogue about hemp in order to facilitate America’s transition to a more informed, sustainable, and healthy future.

The film was inspired by environmentally-conscious home designer Anthony Brenner’s story to find the healthiest building material available to build a safe indoor environment for his young daughter Bailey, who has a rare genetic disorder and sensitivity to synthetic chemicals. Anthony made headlines in USA Today and CNN when he completed “America’s First Hemp House” for the former mayor of Asheville, North Carolina. Anthony’s story is one of the inspirational tales profiled in this film that provides viewers with a new connection to the issue of toxicity in human habitats and how hemp can play a role in innovative healthy green building solutions. In Bringing it Home, we follow Anthony’s mission to build The Bird’s Nest, the world’s first hempcrete built, toxin-free residential home for his daughter and other children and adults with disabilities.

Hemp is a misunderstood plant with compelling benefits for healthy homes, food, farmers, job creation and our environment. Industrial hemp is non-psychoactive and grown in thirty other nations but currently U.S. farmers are prohibited from this economic opportunity. In the new documentary BRINGING IT HOME, filmmakers Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson animate hemp’s history and introduce us to business owners using industrial hemp for construction, textiles, nutrition, and body care products in the United States and around the globe. BRINGING IT HOME explores “Why aren’t we growing it here?” and the latest effort by advocates to legalize hemp farming in America. Learn more, support, sign up for news at



  1. Paulpot on

    If your willing to allow yourself to consider that there might be something in these conspiracy theories, then you might consider that the real reason for prohibition was to eliminate hemp. A number of different industrialists had realized that the new paper and synthetic petro-chemical industries they were investing in only had one real source of competition. Hemp. And by a quirk of fate that family of plants also had the ability to induce states of altered consciousness and there just happened to be someone promoting the demonization of marijuana for purposes of hijacking government budget allocations to create his own bureaucratic empire. Harry Anslinger.
    You might find it hard to believe there was any kind of conspiracy but the fact remains that a lot of people in bureaucracies and corporations just happen to profit massively from prohibition. The prison industrial complex is massively funded to fight a war that will never be won. And the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industrialists have absolutely no competition at all. Money’s that used to flow into rural communities in exchange for goods once rurally produced is now channeled into industries that draw their basic resource commodities from a hole in the ground that require only a few trained guys and a huge industrial artifice to exploit.
    End the drug war and hand a big slice of the economy back to the farmers.