Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Canada’s Medical Marijuana All Stars

POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: Three medical marijuana crusaders, attorney Kirk Tousaw, activist Jason Wilcox, and Cannabis Champion Matt Mernagh join the show to report from the front lines of the Canadian government’s war on medical marijuana users.

Kirk Tousaw will discuss his latest court win for med-pot users, where a B.C. Supreme Court Judge’s decision has allowed designated medical marijuana growers in B.C. to produce and sell cannabis extracts to their patients.

Jason Wilcox will talk about about his group, the MMAR DPL/PPL Coalition Against Repeal, and the fight against the government’s proposed changes to Canada’s medical marijuana program.

Cannabis Champion of the Universe (and hardcore medical marijuana freedom-fighter) Matt Mernagh will discuss his new book The Marijuana Smokers Guidebook, his potential employment at Mayor Rob Ford’s office and his upcoming West Coast tour.

Mark Klokeid will talk about The Health Expo and Kush Cup coming to Vancouver June 28 – 30.

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    Marius has been a huge dick lately. Keep your mouth shut when you are on the air if you are just going to bitch about microphones and how long the show is. You ruin the vibe every time you speak up. Fuck off Marius