Former Mexican President and Former Microsoft Executive Announce Plans To Open Marijuana Stores

POT TV – Yes you read that headline correctly: former Mexican President Vicente Fox and former Microsoft Executive Jamen Shively have announced plans to open a chain of marijuana stores in several US states.

At the same time, the US Federal government continues to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington and other states.



  1. Anonymous UK on

    This kind of venture, as distasteful as it is to some, is what will speed along legalisation and stop it being overturned. Yes it is big business but there is big business in everything. Alcohol has big business but it does not stop the popularity of micro breweries and ‘real ale’ (as it is called in the UK). There will still be room for the people who grow now if they can compete on quality and price. Even if you grow outside the law it has got to be easier once cannabis is accepted in society.