Biggest Dab Ever? Man Tokes 1.5 Grams of Budder

POT TV – Vapor Central’s Sean Brady hits a 1.5-gram dab of budder for the crowd using a Sublimator at the Vapor Central / party in Toronto.

From Sean Brady on YouTube:

“I did this toke during the VIP TYE afterparty at Vapor Central. A 1.5 g budder ball on the Sublimator electronic titanium domeless nail. More than mildly drunk at the time, all I remember is pulling for what seemed like forever while people cheered. FTR not only did I survive. I continued to work for another few hours … after a 10 minute cough break.

Thanks to Mark for the party, to Enrico for bringing the sublimator, and to Bongman for donating the fat ass dab.”