The Russ Belville Show #198 – Chris Christie Lets 2-Year-Old Suffer to Keep New Jersey “Drug Free”

POT TV – Cannabis commentator ‘Radical’ Russ Belville is on the air – and now on Pot TV – with The Russ Belville Show. In this episode: Gov. Chris Christie denies medical marijuana to 2-year-old epileptic.

Also: UCLA Prof. Mark Kleiman, Washington’s Pot Czar; Los Angeles votes on three medical marijuana dispensaries; music by Mr. Scruff.

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  1. Anonymous on

    You don’t smoke marajuana when you are treating emphysema, fibrosis or restrictive lung disease. You use cannabis and it improves your life. I was just told it actually removed scar tissue from this fibrosis patient. The only way you can remove scar tissue is have a double lung transplant. They told me if I had one lung transplant the fibrosis would makes its way to the other lung. Yet this other fibrosis patient doesn’t have fibrosis anymore. I believed tha crap when I was 22 which your caller was stating. Now, I feel like a dieing idiot that lives in an ignorant state who still hasn’t made what will help me legal.