Class in Session: 420 to Freedom

POT TV – Get weeducated! Watch Class in Session LIVE every Tuesday at 11AM-1PM PT on Pot TV and This week: Al celebrates the fact that Marc Emery has only 420 days ’till release!

Al the Alchemist, Chris Bennett, David Malmo-Levine, Adam Bowen and Bubbleman are just some of the hosts of Class in Session, a new weekly show on B-Real of Cypress Hill’s internet TV network. Watch every week to see the potfessors school viewers in the curriculum of fine cannabis smoking.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Would love to see Jodie fronting an alt rock band. She has star power and lyrical strength. If she “can’t sing,” just auto-tune her like the industry does for Beyonce and all the others. When Marc gets out, he can play bass for the band. Jodie is a babe and she is a strong activist. Rather watch and listen to her than Shakira, Beyonce, or any other female performer.