Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill

Will new cannabis dispensary help efforts to decriminalize the drug? ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports.



  1. bhonze on

    Sorry i ment Tony

  2. bhonze on

    Hey Tom, I sure hope you are right on this but I’m not so sure, Mississippi grows weed for 4 patiants and we can still get busted in MS!

  3. Anonymous on

    They will simply make new laws so they can prosecute people, dont be naive now.

  4. Tony Aroma on

    Since Congress OKed mmj in DC, it’s going to get harder to prosecute elsewhere. Equal protection means you can’t selectively apply the law.

  5. Bhonze on

    Yeah, The South will be just like in the civil rights movement; LAST!!! It sucks, Congressman Palazzo of MS is a Dick. He believes marijuana is the EVIL weed!