CBS News: Medford, Oregon Joins in Global Marijuana March 2013

POT TV – The local CBS affilate in Medford, Oregon reports on the 2013 Global Marijuana March.

From KTVL: “A march ending in a rally in Alba Park was held Saturday in celebration of Global Marijuana March.Southern Oregon Norml hosted the event.Executive Director, Lori Duckworth, said today’s event was one of many taking place in 243 cities throughout the world.Duckworth said it was also a good opportunity to bring awareness to a marijuana dispensary bill, HB 3460. We have the utmost confidence that with representative Peter Buckley’s support and sponsoring House Bill 3460, that finally, after 14 years of having the Medical Marijuana Law here in Oregon, we will be able to provide safe access to patients, said Duckworth.Medford Police Department patrolled the event periodically and said its main priority was to ensure no one was using marijuana.”

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