4/20 2013: On Stage at 4:20 in Denver

POT TV – Video shot from the stage at the biggest 4/20 2013 on the planet – in Denver, Colorado – showing the impressive crowd of thousands lighting up for a gigantic 4:20 smoke session.

From on CapnCannabis on YouTube:

More people smoked Cannabis at 4:20 on 4/20 in Denver than have ever smoked Cannabis together before. We raised a historic cloud of pot smoke above our city, and 80,000 people gathered peacefully to celebrate Cannabis. We can’t let two thugs ruin the beautiful day we had on 4/20 2013 in Denver Colorado. It was a historic moment, and I bring you our camera’s take on “the Moment” at 4:20 PM- followed by my speech that took place at 3:45 PM. I made this video to show that we did have an awesome day. And although the headlines will read about the shooting that left 3 people hurt, it was really a wonderful display of Cannabis affection, prior to around 4:45. For a complete account please stay tuned to my newsletter at VitaminCannabis.com. Special thanks to Miguel Lopez for granting Vitamin Cannabis Films access to the event. Thanks for watching!

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