4/20 2013: Vancouver Lights Up at 4:20

POT TV – Vancouver lights up for 4:20 at 4/20! The Urban Grower was on stage to capture the crowd (of an estimated 30,000) celebrate 4:20PM with a giant cloud of marijuana smoke.

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  1. Anonymous UK on

    I agree with the benefits of cannabis and the fact that it should be legal and utilised to the utmost. What I cannot agree with is this constant emphasis on smoking (joints, bongs etc) as a means of ingestion. I think this starts new users on bad habits, is anti-social and and is a major obstacle to the acceptance of cannabis amongst non users.
    I look forward to legalisation so that users are given the choice of better means of ingestion such as infused drinks, food products and tablets. Anyone who has tried a vaporiser (properly operated and set-up) knows that it is much more efficient and gets you higher than smoking. There are now many portable options as well so it troubles me that you still promote smoking as the de-facto standard for cannabis consumption.