The Russ Belville Show #157: Return from Southern Cannabis Reform Conference

POT TV – Cannabis commentator ‘Radical’ Russ Belville is on the air – and now on Pot TV – with The Russ Belville Show. In this episode: Network affiliates from ABC, CBS, and FOX covered the Southern Cannabis Reform Conference, including sound bites from Sharon Ravert, James Bell, Russ Belville, and Diane Goldstein.

Also: Chief Greenbud recorded live in Atlanta; New Jersey bans synthetic cannabinoids; author Howard Rahtz, author of “Drugs, Crime, and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment”.

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  1. sees in the dark on

    Mr. Belville, You have stated in a artile in HIGHTIME magazine that cannabis does NOT cure cancer. You sir are in so many levels wrong!! Not only are you WRONG!! But you insult a people work to cure cancer?? the people you insult are in your words called the TUSCARORA. Since you nonthing about how to cure and what to use talk to these people. Still making up excuses about what you wrote?? Then, talk to the person you work with?? He goes by the name there of DAN SKYES?? he knows of ben and tracy johnson, my family!! They taught me the healing ways since i was 12 years old.In the TUSCARORA there real name in their words is Ska-ru-ren meaning “THOSE OF INDIAN HEMP” So you also tell CHRIS up there that the whites did NOT!! bring hemp and cannabis to the new world, it came from here!?! the MAYAN people spread it world wide. We have over 800 years of history to back it up as well. In 1961 I was wrote off with stage 3 bone cancer but my people of the six Nations cure were your chould not!! Stop being a mouth piece for the man!! or people will find out the truth about you? Onien,Sees in the dark, Wolf Clan, Mohawk nation, Six Nations.