Stoney Sunday #124: What Do You Think About Drug Testing?

POT TV – Hit the bong along with Coral Reefer every Stoney Sunday on Pot TV. In this episode: What do you think about drug testing?

24-year-old Coral Reefer is a California medical marijuana user who brings you info on the pot community and smokes with viewers every week on her YouTube channel. Tune in to Pot TV to see her latest every week.




  1. Anonymous on

    It depends on what drugs they want to test on me.

  2. M.Sebasian Patrick on

    I have an auto-immune disorder: the standard drug test is the immunoassay test. Hence; I’d never take a drug test: under any cicumstance-esp. after that boston lab tech. admitted to falsifying thousands of drug samples to further her carreer. Disgusting.