Standing Up To Cops and Bully MPs

POT TV – Watch the Fight the MMPR protest at Conservative MP James Lunney’s office in Nanaimo.

Video by Pot TV’s Mik Mann, who wrote the following:

They tried to force us to leave, we called their bluff and refused.

James Lunney tried to have the RCMP intimidate us but we were having none of it, we stood our ground.

Our bully and coward MP James Lunney then closed the office as they knew they would be a national news item if they tried to remove us by force – not good press.

We were there Feb 21st from 11am till this took place about 1:30pm.

He is scared to meet with 2 men, 3 women and a child, medical users who want answers, not the bullshit we got. What a douche.

James Lunney is the longest sitting MP in the House of Commons, never had a portfolio because he’s an embarrassment, a bully and a coward, watch the video and judge for yourself.

More video will be up from this legal protest soon…