Weedy Wednesdays 300: Hunter Collins NO PANTS ALLOWED

POT TV – Weedy Wednesdays @Hunter_Collins 2nite @VaporCentral! 300th SHOW!!!

HUGE night at Vapor Central tomorrow for our 300th WEEDY WEDNESDAY with very special headliner from Mad TV, The Match Game, The Sean Schau, Just For Laughs, Last Comic Standing & The Producers: SEAN CULLEN! We’re also giving away an expensive bong that I think is made out of the same stuff He-Man’s sword was made of! Write it down in your agendas: Vapor Central. Wednesday. 9PM. 667 Yonge. Best live show in town always.

Tonight is the 300th Weedy Wednesdays Show at Vapor Central !! It’s a legendary show in this city that has made Toronto one of the best spots to do Standup comedy in the WORLD!! Come out tonight and enjoy Headliner Sean Cullen (Just for Laughs,Match Game)

WEEDY WEDNESDAY NUMBER 300! Tonight! Thanks so much for making this show happen 300 times, guys! It’s a privilege to entertain you, even though your version of being entertained is scratching your belly with a smile! To make this a grand occasion (more like GRAM occasion), we got (more like POT) the most electric comic in Canadian history, your headliner: SEAN CULLEN! With Barry Taylor! Tim Nasiopoulos! Mike Rita! With yours truly hosting and giving away a bong that’s worth at least four rubies and a Van Gogh ear-lobe! 300 shows: too high to remember any of ’em. 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO OTHER SHOW COMES CLOSE.

?300 shows tonight muthafuckazzz!! Hunter Collins will be hosting and giving away (apparently) a SOLID GOLD BONG..FROM SPACE!!!Sweet Milestone for everyone involved with the comedy shows at Vapor Central. Christopher Goodwin and I first did this show with the hopes we could tickle some funny bones and educate some people about things their parents and governments wouldn’t while we pumped some money into the arts community. Now there’s three paying comedy shows a week at this place and bitches be jockin our pussies non stop. These vapor lounges are now an undeniable part of the standup community in Canada and that is awesome. So hilarious and awesome. Yes the energy is low, but the love is HIGH. We got it right cause we shared and we don’t work cause we play professionally hard.

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