Mandatory Minimums and Your Medical Cannabis Business

POT TV – Prominent cannabis lawyer and activist Kirk Tousaw explains how new governmental changes to Canada’s marijuana laws and regulations will affect patients and providers from a criminal law perspective.

The seminar is a must-see to for medical marijuana dispensary operators.

Kirk can be contacted at [email protected]



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    The seminar is a must-see to for medical marijuana dispensary operators.

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    i listen verry nice!
    thank you!

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    thank for sahring!

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    Great information I will tweet to my friends to get them to check it out. keep it up. Thanks for sharing!

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    Totally agree with you (y)

  6. Anonymous on

    Repeal not legalize! There never should have been a prohibition on MJ! REPEAL!

  7. Anonymous on

    sell your crap elsewhere…

  8. Anonymous on

    hope him–one of his kids get cancer,,need marijuannia im a non smoker but I support those in need for medical use—and for non medical use no different then booze smokes.

  9. The Hegehog on

    When Harper gets cancer he’ll suffer from the many side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. It will Only be then that this pile of crap dictator will beg for medical marijuana to relieve his misery.

  10. Anonymous on

    You know as bad as it seems, I say let Harper max out with his criminalization regime. He will look more stupid than ever and just maybe the tipping point will arrive in Canada sooner than expected. I have faith that soon Harper will be a bad memory! Come on Canadians we CAN do this!

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  12. Guitrod on

    It is high time that there was a national referendum regarding cannabis prohibition in Canada. I believe the results would be a large majority against it and in favor of complete legalization. I know that this is just a pipe dream of mine where there was real democracy in Canada and where popular opinion really meant something. I am sick of being treated as sub human for doing something that is harmless and tired of seeing our government persecuting it’s own people with it’s outdated and venomous laws.

  13. Anonymous on

    That was a very informative and very scary presentation of the new laws. Let me play Devil’s advocate and explain how I see Harper playing out the next year. It’s not pretty at all. With the license to produce he has put up so many restrictions and costs that it will be very hard to implement except for someone like big pharma with deep pockets. That is if he even issues any licenses. He probably will take a cue from the US manner of only allowing those with a tax stamp being able to grow hemp and cannabis and then forbidding the issuance of those tax stamps thus effectively banning any production. With the current personal licenses expiring and no legal means of obtaining any cannabis then any patient will be thrown in jail to the fullest extent of the law for possession with all assets forfeited to pay for your imprisonment. He already has a list ready from Health Canada. As far as even getting a recommendation he is leaving it up to unwilling doctor’s and health practitioners. Just like the doctor in Coe Hill and his nurse practitioner wife Harper will prosecute any doctors and nurses who will issue a recommendation and take away their licenses to practice healthcare thus scaring all healthcare workers into submission.
    I know my rants seem way over the top but I trust Harper about as much as I trust a hungry fox in a hen house.