The @Mernahuana Show: Post Family Day Edition

POT TV – The Mernahuana Show Post Family Day Edition Tuesday February 19th 2013 (720est or 420pst) on The Pot TV Network.

Fresh from a three day weekend this edition is shaping up to be stoner spectacular. We’re live from Vapor Central with our weedy variety show that is filled with potheads using potty language, doing dabs and ripping bongs.

This week Matt Mernagh asks;

-How high did you get with your family on family day? Do you smoke pot with parents?
-Is Nickelback part of the cannabis culture because they smoke weed?
-Would you rather have cannabis and no money or money and no cannabis?

Skype your answers or participate in the open microphones.
Skype Callers
Please turn off all other computer applications before Skyping in.
Please turn down your sound or wear headphones to avoid microphone feedback.
Please call in with a point on our topic, don’t worry we’ll have a conversation on what you want to talk about too.

We’re getting our inner ninja on to snoop around the world of pot politics, performing a toking Toshe 2.0 skit by commenting on social media videos and of course everyone’s favorite segment, 420 Swap – Is Your Marijuana In An Open Relationship. Mernagh moderates potheads openly trading marijuana amongst themselves immediately following Alaska 420. The Mernahuana Show: Post Family Day Edition

The Mernahuana Show is webcast in front of a live stoned audience every Tuesday, 720 est or 420 pst on The Pot TV Network.