The @Mernahuana Show: Valentine’s Day Edition

POT TV – The Mernahuana Show Valentine’s Day edition Tuesday February 12th 2013 (720est or 420pst) on The Pot TV Network.

Join the chat today at 420 with The Cannabis Champ of the World, Matt Mernagh and The Hash Mob! Valentine’s Day edition. Best cannabis pick up lines on the line up. It’s going to be SWEET!

We’re hosting a valentine’s day edition of The Mernahuana Show, Tuesday, Feb 12 on Pot TV Network (720 est or 420 pst) entitled Pretty Lil Pot Princess. There’s more planning going into the weekly webcast than I have planned for Valentine’s Day – which is not good. Best budbabe pick up line (on the mic) wins a date with me on Thursday – I come packing cannabis, condoms and lube.

Our regular feature 420 Swap – Is Your Marijuana In An Open Relationship? continues to grow. My skills at mediating a marijuana deal are getting better and I’m trying to get more visuals for this amazing feature. 420 Swap is the only time two random strangers can trade marijuana at Vapor Central. This activity happens after Alaska 420 and has very few rules other than both sides must agree to the deal.

We’ll be taking your Skype calls, showing our favorite found YouTube videos, talking politics and most importantly pot. 420 Smoke Outs are coming up (4/20/13) and there’s a national protest against proposed Health Canada medical marihuana changes (2/21/13). If you have content for the webcast such as issues to talk about, press releases, your videos, please post them on my Facebook page to review.

Much like the last few shows we’re going to be a little rushed in the production department. Why you ask? I’ll be in The Garden City Tuesday morning at 915 to make a court appearance. Meeting with friends and the cannabis community afterward for coffee. Then I’m on a bus to return to The Big Smoke in time to host the webcast.

The Mernahuana Show on Pot TV Network Tuesdays (720 est / 420 pst) and repeats on Vapor Central youtube channel.

Skype Callers
Please turn off all other computer applications before Skyping in.
Please turn down your sound or wear headphones to avoid microphone feedback.
Please call in with a point on our topic, don’t worry we’ll have a conversation on what you want to talk about too.

The Mernahuana Show Valentine’s Day edition.

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