Activist Dana Larsen Presents Sensible BC Campaign To Decriminalize Marijuana

POT TV – Cannabis activist Dana Larsen presents the Sensible BC campaign to decriminalize marijuana in British Columbia.

Sensible BC is calling upon the BC government to pass the Sensible Policing Act, which will stop police in the province from making searches, seizures or arrests in cases of simple cannabis possession by de-funding provincial enforcement of pot laws.

The Sensible Policing Act also sets up a public commission to figure out the best path toward a legally regulated and taxed cannabis system in BC.

With enough signatures and support, Sensible BC hopes to trigger a province-wide ballot initiative campiagn and decriminalize in 2014.

Please join us in our campaign to hold a provincial referendum on this issue!

Register now, as a volunteer or a supporter so we can collect your official signature for the referendum campaign. Together we can change the law in BC!

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