Stoner SUPER BOWL Sundays 097: Mike Rita @TweetsFromReets

POT TV – Stoner SUPER BOWL Sundays 097: @TweetsFromReets I just hope one of the Harbaugh brothers wins today.. Watch This Awesome clip from “No Kidding”

Tonight I’ll be rocking my Montana 49ers Jersey while we hit Super Bowls at Vapor Central. Stoner Sundays is the official location of people who could care less about Football. TONIGHT AT VAPOR CENTRAL, 667 Yonge Street, 9:30pm

Tonight if we sell out it’ll be our 28th week in a row!! Thanks to all my friends and family who came out and the staff was so cool as always.The comics you guys were so awesome, the support u gave me all week, sending me messages, coming to the shows means so much!

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