Watch LIVE: Court to Release Ruling in Mernagh Medical Marijuana Case

POT TV – This is it! The Ontario Court of Appeal is issuing a ruling in R v. Mernagh tomorrow. Watch Pot TV at 7PM ET tonight for an update from the man at the heart of the case that could change the country’s pot laws, Cannabis Champ Matt Mernagh. Pot TV will broadcast more ongoing coverage tomorrow.

The court has released a Notice of Release of Judgment:

“R. V. MERNAGH Notice of Release of Judgment – Reserved – To be posted at Old City Hall Toronto on February 1, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. R. v. Matt Mernagh, 2013 ONCA 67”

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Twenty five years after Canada’s Supreme Court struck down our nation’s abortion laws (R v. Morgentaler), another court case (R v. Mernagh) is winding its way through the legal system that would ensure Canadians have access to medical cannabis. The same legal arguments applied to the Morgentaler decision are being used by a marijuana advocate and his legal team.

Morgentaler argued the abortion program set up by the federal government to access legal abortion was illusory. Mernagh argues the medical marijuana program set up by the federal government is illusory – therefore he had no choice but to grow and possess marijuana.

Some feminists and pro choicers may not like these comparisons and possibly belittle a herb that has helped so many Canadians, but the reality is if everyone were to examine the similarities between their right to choose and the right to access medical marijuana they’d be shocked at my analysis.

The Rabble’s Abortion Victory In Canada, provides a perspective in which we can examine the marihuana movement and how R v. Mernagh came to be.

Going to be a heavy political webcast this week on The Pot TV Network, but with book proofs and marijuana seed catalog writing it’s been a challenge to find time to research it all.

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