Weedy Wednesdays 296: @Hunter_Collins NO TWINS AGAIN

POT TV – Weedy Wednesdays @Hunter_Collins 2nite @VaporCentral! The comedy show with dabs, come on out & get high, white adidas sneakers and hoodies are welcome, only tonight though! The only buds you need to bring are combustible (more like “come-bust-it-all”)!

Hey Dab-ronis! It’s WEEDY WEDNESDAY tonight at Vapor Central! Tonight’s show is gonna get extra ornery with your special guest host Nick Beaton! That’s right, he’s full of orner! With Patrick Haye! Jag Ghankas! Andrew Barr! And yours truly closing the show. So make like it’s the end of a shroom trip and come down! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO TAINTED GUMMI WORMZ.

I think god gave us free will ’cause he’s a fat, lazy piece of shit. “Fix the world yer goddamn selves! I’m smoking whatever deities smoke!” WEED… Roll down and roll up! Get out of the cold and chill! March over and munch out! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO TWINS AGAIN

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