Washington State Plans To Keep Moving Forward On Legal Pot

POT TV – After meeting with US Attorney General Eric Holder, Washington Governor Jay Inslee says the state will move forward to establish rules for the newly-legal marijuana market.

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Governor: Washington to keep moving forward on legal pot
by Gene Johnson, Associated Press

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson met with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, but came away no further enlightened about how the federal government will respond to last fall’s votes in Washington and Colorado that set up legal markets for marijuana.

The two states voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults over 21 and to create state-licensed systems of growers, processors and retail stores that sell heavily taxed pot. The creation of those regulatory schemes poses a possible conflict with federal law, which outlaws marijuana, and the Justice Department hasn’t said whether it will sue to block the state laws.

Inslee, a former Democratic congressman who was sworn in as governor last week, told reporters after the meeting in Washington, D.C., Tuesday that Washington will move forward to establish rules for the market.

The state Liquor Control Board, the agency charged with regulating marijuana under Washington’s measure, drew hundreds of people Tuesday night to an inaugural public forum on the topic of developing those rules.

Board Chairwoman Sharon Foster said the board is thinking about changing its name to include “cannabis.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    Why is it taking so long for the federal government to say what their intentions are?
    Who ultimately makes the decision ?
    What are the actual legal restrictions that constrain their decision ?

    Surely they have known this might happen for some time and it is now nearly 3 months since the results of the votes were known – so again – why is it taking so long ? I can’t believe that there is not some one who could have given a decision on this situation by now – any longer and the public will be forced to conclude they are either incompetent, deceitful or manipulative. For heavens sake GET ON WITH IT !

  2. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    Pennsylvania has a LCB, and is really hurting for money badly. The state is super cash-strapped like hell, but the Republican governor, Tom Corbett, is just letting everything go to hell. It’s a wonder he came up with a plan to tax gas stations so that none of our bridges collapse–hopefully repairs and new bridges are done in time to prevent shit like that. He’s set himself up nicely with Shell and Camelot for after he gets out of office. He wants a second term. Hell no!

    They don’t call it the Keystone state for nothing. And the Keystone Pipeline, if/when it goes through, well they need a thick concrete containment gutter underneath the thing so that if/when any of that shit leaks out of it that it’s contained/in the concrete gutter basin the whole length of the pipeline. I don’t want that pipeline simply buried, and then you can’t see any leaks until it’s far too late. Instead of Love Canal you’ll have Love “Keystone” Pipeline.

    Corbett’s such a dick, he’s got no money coming in to pay for pollution cleanup from the Marcellus Shale operators in the state, no tax, some impact fee, inadequate, but what the hell does he care, he’s set up for the good life, and he’ll be dead in 50 years because he’s already an old goat. He’ll bitch about not wanting to leave our youth with the bill for this and that, wanting to protect our youth from the scourge of drugs, blah, blah, but not from pollution and won’t acknowledge The Netherlands and states that have marijuana laws actually have lower usage rates.

    The facts are irrelevant. Facts and Republicans are like oil and water: They don’t mix.