The Mernahuana Show: 085 Eclectic Edition

POT TV – We’re toking from many different sources this week on The Mernahuana Show Tuesday Jan 22nd 2013 (720est or 420pst) on The Pot TV Network to create an eclectic themed edition. A hodge podge of pot stuff is sort of planned. Our weekly weed variety programming is all over the marijuana map topic wise. Nothing is taboo or off the record when the cameras are rolling.

The Mernahuana Show: Eclectic Edition.

The Mernahuana Show continues with our News Year revolution of providing potheads with better pot programming. This week on the show (Tuesday 420 pst or 720 est) we have plenty of great plans. We have a hodge podge of toking topics and videos I think people will enjoy. Whether you tune in for 20 minutes during our three hour webcast or tune in for the whole episode you will be infotained.

Our 2013 goal of webcasting better every week continues. Last week’s memorial addition was most excellent. I’m a toking Toshe.0 by playing found YouTube videos and talking over them. This week will be no different, we’ll have classy guests, potheads who don’t smoke schwag, Skype callers, and our regular features of budder dabbing, bong ripping, strain sampling and vapor inhaling.

420 Swap is now a regular feature. Is your marihuana in an open relationship? This segment is an opportunity to swap your cannabis for someone elses cannabis in the room. It’s moderated and with a play-by-play called by me. This segment is hot and I’m excited to continue to improve on it.

A new segment I’d like to try with Skype callers is cannabis charades. The caller does the charade while someone in the audience guesses. Skype callers are asked to participate on topic. Currently we don’t even screen callers before Skype calls go live, so you could be naked and we wouldn’t know. Maybe best Skype call of the night wins a Vapor Central marketing product like lighter leash, stickers, or heck if we can really get a budget a VC t-shirt.

Some Topics for Tuesday Jan 22 Edition Of The Mernahuana Show

1.Rhianna Sports Same Pot Leaf Dress Seen At Goodwin Wedding
2.Bieber To Usher In Summer Of Love
3.Michele Rainey Gets A Make Out Bench
4.What Does OG Kush Stand For?
5.Right Wing Canadian Media Loves Weed Legalization
6.Feb. 21 National Health Canada Med Pot Protests
7.Conroy Class Action Lawsuit Show Me The Money
8.Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Is Boring

This Week’s Video Selection
1.Turkish Camel Wrestling
2.Cannabis Science The Ash Test
3.Chuck Norris Gets Very Political
4.Naked Russian Runs 7KM In Siberia
5.Mernagh Marijuana Strain Vids

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