Stoner Sundays 095: Mike Rita

POT TV – If you haven’t come to watch my Sunday show at Vapor Central yet, let me bring you up to speed, 25 weeks in a row we’ve sold out and every week we make sure you have a goodtime! Come down to Vapor Tonight at 667 Yonge , showtime 9pm

Be There !! Or Here on POTTV. Tonight if we sell out it’ll be our 26th week in a row!! How did the Asshole cheat on the penis, with a Prostate. I apologize to @RealGilbert for apologizing. Headlines in a local rag: “Rita Slays ‘Em Week After Week” … “Rita Still Fresh As Fuck” …

Thanks to all my friends and family who came out and the staff was so cool as always.The comics you guys were so awesome, the support u gave me all week, sending me messages, coming to the shows means so much!

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