The Mernahuana Show: 084 Memorial Edition

POT TV – The Mernahuana Show Memorial Edition Tuesday, January 15th 2013 LIVE from Vapor Central on the Pot TV Network, tune in and toke up at 7pm EST (or 4pm PST) Visit The Official Matt Mernagh facebook event…

The Mernahuana Show 2013 Edition.

It’s a real struggle to plan a memorial show for someone who is young and passes so suddenly. I’m completely not prepared for Jan 15 edition of The Mernahuana Show, but we’ll rise above the sorrow to celebrate the life of our friend Chad Driscoll with doobies, super volcano bags, budder dabs and emotional bong rips. Doing a memorial show is not something you can easily prepare for, but we’ll celebrate the life of our friend Chad Driscoll on Pot TV Network Tuesday Jan 15 (720 est or 420 pst on Pot TV Network).

Chad was an original Toronto Hash Mob member, who was the third hire at a very green Vapor Central. He really loved wearing the Canadian cannabis flag around his shoulders like a cape on rally days. It was a fitting look. The punk-ish dude with dreadlocks lived across the street from VC when he landed the job.

Young, full of life, and always with some weird and crazy tale to tell me. Chad purchased every ticket to life’s ride he could and he rode life like a stallion. He wasn’t a life spectator. Chad had the shinning quality that Toronto Hash Mobbers all must strive for in their own unique way, a lust for life. It’s the one defining quality amongst us, our desire to get the most out of our short existence.

We feel a tremendous tragic loss because Chad’s death is a sudden stark reminder that we are mere mortals and one day we too shall die. We all don’t make it to pensioner age. Therefore are we going to plod along in our lives or are we going to have a lust for life?

We celebrated Chad’s life Saturday night with serious zeal. Much marijuana was inhaled (three super volcano bags / numerous dabs) and a heavy munchie session happened afterwards at Genital Tao Chicken.

In happier news Potato Pipe efforts to inhale a 10 foot vapor bag in under a minute faltered. He is now forbidden from bragging all of 2013. I’ll have footage of his incredible effort to inhale copious amounts of cannabis in under a minute via a super volcano bag for the enjoyment of everyone.

Feb. 21 a nationwide protest against the proposed Health Canada medical marihuana program is happening at MP’s offices everywhere. We should get going on this as I would like to hit all MPs offices in the GTA.

Lastly, the efforts of Chris Goodwin to bring a stellar webcast to the marijuana masses has not gone unnoticed. It takes serious toking tech skills to manage Skype calls, the microphones, video footage, and superb online streaming – Goodwin will be presenting Friday at Toronto digital agency Pixel Dreams regular Friday workshops to explain how he does it. All we are missing is a camera that can zoom right in on me for crotch shots.

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