Matt Mernagh: #TMZLive with @Mernahuana

POT TV – @Mernahuana called in to “TMZ Live” on Monday January 14th 2013 to discuss ANN ROMNEY TURNING DOWN ‘Dancing With the Stars’ if you haven’t seen it on TV — get ready to be amazed and love it or hate it … you can’t look away.

Crazy! We did a Skype call yesterday with TMZ! Live. My vintage ’70s dress shirt stole the show and even host Harvey Levin liked my spot, er, shirt. It was a great appearance and fab opportunity to sit around passing the bong with The Goodwins. Many of my Twitter friends were surprised and shocked to see me do TMZ.

The producers of TMZ Live! called Vapor Central yesterday (Monday, Jan 14) via Skype to see if I wanted to appear during their viewer choice segment. We eagerly snapped up the opportunity to do their Skype segment and I think it went smashing.

The TMZ! Live producers do plenty of screening before allowing anyone on the air. Unlike The Mernahuana Show, where if you Skype Vapor Central you’re going to get on, the TMZ producers have plenty of people to choose from. They find the best commentators and then make a viewers choice. Like us, TMZ producers are looking for great comments on the topic we are talking about and most importantly an incredible Skype connection.

The feedback from the appearance from everyone was very positive, including One of my favorite Twitter followers @Stonermoaner Tweeted, “I was in shock” when she turned on the television and saw me. She had just enough time in my short segment to snap a photo of me on on her tv. @Winkee tweeted “It was all about the shirt,” while @Chief_Tellis remarked, “Shit just got real.”

It’s true, my ‘70s vintage dress shirt gave host Harvey Levin a good chuckle and they appeared to like my quick Skype call to tell them Anne Romney has “no ganja groove.” Levin replied, “With that shirt you should host the show.” I was asked to give a 25 second spiel, but came up a bit short, and Levin asked, “Clearly you’re a Democrat.”

I am not sure where the ‘double guns of approval’ came from, it’s a move I’ve done in the past, but not lately, however Levin got them. Ending my segment perfectly.

Here’s the clip from my appearance.