Feds Sentence Aaron Sandusky to 10 Years for Medical Marijuana

POT TV – California medical marijuana dispensary operator Aaron Sandusky has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for production and distribution of marijuana.

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The “FREE AARON SANDUSKY PETITION” is available here: http://wh.gov/Rhtw?

Medical marijuana dispensary owner Aaron Sandusky was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday after being convicted of two felonies related to the production and distribution of marijuana in October 2012. Reason TV previously has covered Sandusky’s case in great detail here.

“Aaron was in full compliance with California law, but the federal government says that California law is irrelevant,” said Sandusky’s lawyer Roger Diamond. Diamond is filing an appeal on Sandusky’s behalf and hopes to take the case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Percy Anderson presided over Sandusky’s case and used the sentencing hearing as an opportunity to lecture the defendant on the “rule of law.”

“I’m going to take a stand for the rule of law, is what I’m going to do in this case,” Anderson said.

He also mentioned that he found “disturbing” Sandusky’s “refusal to take responsibility” for his lawbreaking activities and that Sandusky had proven that he was “incapable or unwilling” to conform with the law or norms of society.

“He’s kind of lost his way about what’s right and what’s wrong–his moral compass,” Anderson said.

Sandusky also spoke in court, but he did not express any remorse for providing medical marijuana to willing customers within the legal framework established by the state of California. Instead, he apologized to the business partners who had been indicted alongside him (they all pled out), their families, and his own family and friends for all that the legal ordeal had put them through. He also took the opportunity to lambast the conduct of the federal government in prosecuting this case.

“There are no winners here. Not the state. Not the federal government. And not the [medical marijuana]patients,” said Sandusky. “This is the federal government taking action against the will of the people.”

After Sandusky spoke, the judge asked if there were any victims who wished to be heard. Nobody stepped forward.

Aaron Sandusky has requested to serve out his sentence at Victorville Federal Correctional Complex. He has also started a petition at whitehouse.gov and is hoping for a presidential pardon.

Watch Reason TV’s full coverage of the day in the video above.

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  1. jiggypoo on

    As an American, I gotta say Fuck America.

  2. Anonymous on

    As an American, I gotta say Fuck America.

  3. Guitrod on

    The Aaron Sandusky case proves that America is ruled by pigs who nothing but a bunch of bullies. The punishment simply does not fit the crime. 10 years of hell while being fed dog food. Judge Percy Anderson is a disgrace to all black Americans. I’m sure he goes home after a day at the office and chills out by listening to classics that were penned and performed by artists under the influence of marijuana. With a glass of liquid dope at his side. The federal laws lack any type of conscience and and are unfit for society of the 21st century. Being from Canada, I am outraged not just for Aaron but also for the mistreatment of Marc Emery and all other prisoners of conscience who fill American gulags for victimless crimes.