John Stossel – Obama’s Drug War

POT TV – Libertarian Fox News host John Stossel discusses the intensifying of the drug war under the Obama Administration.



  1. Guitrod on

    Obama should man up and do the humanitarian thing. Smoking pot obviously didn’t hurt his life or career. Cannabis prohibition laws create injustice not justice. He should be ashamed that thousands of Americans have given their lives in wars that supposedly are fought to secure justice and freedom. Even those soldiers scarred by war cannot use the drug of their choice to help ease the pain. I’m sure that there are many of them who call a U.S. gulag their home for simple possession of marijuana. The war on drugs will not be treated favorably in the course of history, but won’t be taught in schools to future students.

  2. renney b. on

    obama should get with the program and legalize cannabis, do the right thing…