Weedy Wednesdays 291: Hunter Collins And Bryan O’Gorman HOT BOXING DAY

POT TV – Weedy Wednesdays Hot-Boxing Day Show 2nite at Vapor Central with prodigal guest host Bryan O’Gorman! Remember when the host didn’t weird the audience out all the time? It’s gonna be like that again!

Tonight’s headliner is Cal Post! With Jeff Paul! Chris Locke! So bring the new sack o’ dro your gam-gam got you for x-mas to VC, where “leftovers” means “shake”! 667 YONGE. 9PM. GOOD DAY TO SCRAPE THE CRYSTALS OUT OF YOUR GRINDER.

Tonight Bryan O’Gorman tells jokes at Vapor Central. Let’s hope they mopped the stage clean of Hunter Collins’s egg nog from last week. To think of all the poor 3rd-World country children out there, who have no idea just how cheap flat-screen TVs will be going for today.

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