TheWeedGuy: Crazy 20-Gram Budder Limo Hot Box

POT TV – TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, is founder of and the iMedikate medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Watch his smoke-fests on Pot TV. In this episode: TheWeedGuy and The Urban Grower take it to the next level for Mark’s birthday party.

Things get smoky after the crew puffs over a Quarter Pound and then box their SUV Limo with over 20 grams of budder. Alien Green Probe, Rock Star, Purple Kush, Real Kemo, and Jack Herer star in this episode.

Mark loses his phone and weed but The Keg returned it!

Don’t forget to live like there’s no tomorrow and enjoy life on the way. Vote only for politicians who support the full legalization of and the end to the failed Drug War.

Edited By Anthony Risling

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