Vapor Central: LIVE on Christmas Day

POT TV – Vapor Central is OPEN on Christmas Day 420pm to whenever. We are the largest, highest, coolest, greatest, original, ground-breaking, amazing, Toronto Vapor Lounge (a.k.a. Vapour Lounge). What is a Vapor Lounge?

Well, that’s something we make up as we go a-bong. Vapor Central is a lot of things to a lot of people! Part vaporizer and accessory and refreshment shop and vaporizer testing / comparison spot, part comedy and live music (etc.) club, part kushy chillaxin vapetastic lounge space. VC is also Toronto’s primary meeting space and cozy resource center for medical marijuana (a.k.a. medicinal cannabis) patients, enthusiasts and ‘activists.’

Vapor Central is located in the very heart of downtown Toronto on the second floor of 667 Yonge Street, the massive 7500 square foot Toronto Hemp Company (THC) Cannabis Culture Superstore (Hemp Shop / Pipe and Bong Shop / Glass and Vapor Shop / Medical Marijuana Grow Shop, Vapor Lounge etc., all-in-one!.

We are just south of Yonge and Charles, and only a couple blocks south of the Yonge / Bloor Subway Station.

Come visit our members-only vaporizer testing lounge, or browse the selection of vaporizers and vaporizing accessories available for experimentation, rental and/or purchase at VC!.

We are also host to many cannabis community events, including Weedy Wednesdays, the Cannabis Comedy Hour, 3rd Klass Thursdays, and “Yongesterdam” tours.

And of course, while serving as the primary resource center for Medical Marijuana / Medicinal Cannabis vaporization in Toronto we also strive to provide you the most useful Information about Vaporizers and Vaporization available!

2012 HOURS… OPEN 11:00am~1:00am EVERYDAY

Visit our Members-Only Lounge just $5 for the day. Or purchase a Week Membership for $12, Monthly Membership for $25, or Yearly for $95…

Call us anytime for details about special events, seating availability, etc.

Vapor Central
667 Yonge Street 2nd Floor
Toronto ON M4Y 1Z9