Sublimator: LIVE at Vapor Central

POT TV – You may be wondering what in the world is sublimation, and how does it differ from vaporization. Sublimation is the process of transformation directly from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

We at Sublimator are a team dedicated to creating innovative medical sublimation, vaporisation and extraction devices for members of the medical community. We are composed of patients and members of the precision metal industry working together to develop the most effective and safest instruments to sublimate (more on this later) and vaporise the essential oils on medicinal plants used for different ailments and illnesses.

Some of our devices even collect the purest solventless extracts possible as a by-product of their use (how cool is that). These can then be sublimated or vaped again or used to make other therapeutic derivatives. Most of our products do not produce a combustion effect as this process may release unsafe carbon-based byproducts and residues. Our commitment to health and clean medicating is garranteed by the fact that, as patients, we test and use our products on ourselves with a variety of herbs, extracts and concentrates.

Oh and we do some vaping devices too…