Health Canada’s New Marijuana Regulations Will Mean Higher Prices For Patients

POT TV – CBC News reports on Health Canada’s new medical marijuana regulations that will mean higher prices for patients and the elimination of home growing.

Read the new regulations:



  1. awesomesound on

    As for getting rid of the Individual grower I just don’t understand how I can buy just a part of the plant? I use the whole plant, Stalk & leaves for Cannabutter, Bud to Medicated and WHAT do I do with SEEDS? I my self am serviced by a Compassion Club they are serviced by Individual growers who produce a variety of strains for a variety of illnesses and about half of them are at subsidized prices at 5-7 dollars a gram. If my Club gets forced out of business and they (“don’t care what you say” Health Canada} can’t provide the service I need I will be returning to my dealer.