Health Canada Proposes Changes to Medical Pot Policy

POT TV – CTV News reports on the new Health Canada medical marijuana regulations. Health Canada plans to get out of the business of producing and selling marijuana and says it will instead set up a system of private grower. The new rules also call for the phasing out and complete removal of all personal home growing by 2014.

Read the new regulations:



  1. Anonymous on

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  2. Anonymous on

    excellent letter! well written, thank you for sharing

  3. awesomesound on

    If Health Canada’s commercial growers are to equal the service and compassion of the Dispensaries they will need to not only grow but be able to breed specific strains for all illnesses not just 1 strain as they do right now, and also offer a few strains at subsidized prices at 5-7 dollars a gram for Patient that are on fixed incomes and if they are going to price per strain as they do at the Dispensaries top price CAN NOT exceed 12 dollars per gram for the best strains or we will all go back to our dealers or what the Government calls the Black Market.

  4. Anonymous on

    I feel the same. I am amazed on how much steps harper has taken backwards as a majority. Its baffling how in 10 years Canada and the US federal government have completely “traded” positions on marijuana. 10 years ago Americans came to Canada to smoke with little risk, now its legal in some states, where as Canada is adding MINIMUM SENTENCES for the first time. The idea of mandatory minimum sentencing is ridiculous and just not Canadian, might as well get rid of jury’s all together. personally I never cause harm to anyone, I LOVE Canada, yet the Canadian government wants to throw me and jail? I lost any trust and hope in my government for labelling us criminals.

  5. Sparkkymcpuff on

    Here’s the response I got(how much you wanna bet no one has or will ever read my letter?):

    This is to acknowledge receipt of your comments regarding the proposed Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations as published in Canada Gazette, Part I.

    We thank you for your comments regarding this proposal and assure you they will be taken into consideration as the federal regulatory process progresses. Please note that Health Canada will not provide direct responses to comments received.

    These proposed changes will not be finalized until the proposed regulations come into force, which is expected to be in 2013. The new system of licensed producers is expected to be fully implemented by April 1, 2014.

    For more information on the proposed regulations please see Health Canada’s website:

    Et encore une fois en français

  6. Sparkkymcpuff on

    1. Because we can
    2. Yes
    3. I’m an only child and my parents are dead and I don’t have children.
    4. There is, and it should cost them a fortune or they should go to jail for it. Especially if they’re sick!
    5. Tax the hell out of it!!
    6. Let me have it and no one else.
    7. No.
    8. Ridiculous means funny. I like jokes!!


    A robot!

  7. Sparkkymcpuff on

    Post his reply!!

    Here is my letter, please copy and forward it if you want:

    It is my understanding that current scientific studies have found that cannabis treats and in some cases helps eliminate cancer from the human body.

    In the governments opinion, what makes them feel like they have the right to, in any way, restrict access to this substance that the human race has been searching for for centuries, especially one that has been previously banned by governments around the globe for racist ideals and anti competition goals?

    Please explain in exhaustive detail why the government would even consider making this substance prohibitively expensive to most consumers, that again current science has concluded that there is no quantitative lethal dose, toxic amount, or is otherwise destructive to the health of the individual that uses this substance.

    Cannabis can be grown in a safe, sanitary environment, kept free from moulds and pathogens, for around $660 per kilogram. With the associated costs regarding record keeping and packaging and security requirements the government has come up with a figure that resembles $10000 per kilogram when delivered to the consumer. This is inline with the profits that black market is eliciting currently and, in most cases in canada, is even more expensive. This regulating body has come up with an ideal situation that will allow the profits from a few companies that produce cannabis to run wild. This type of activity is abhorrent, unconscionable, and down right destructive to a free and democratic society.

    I understand that the medical industry would lose a portion of their profits if numerous individuals were to choose cannabis treatment over traditional western medical practices. But does that mean that people should suffer and continue to pay ridiculous amounts of hard earned money, go into debt, and pilfer they’re savings to a naturally occurring medicine, when they can, just as easily as growing tomatoes, grow they’re own cannabis in their garden for relatively nothing, to save they’re own lives?

    The individuals that have come up with the document
    “Vol. 146, No. 50 — December 15, 2012
    Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations” in the Canada gazette have completely dropped the ball on determining what should be done about controlling cannabis. Cannabis has not been put on this earth to make certain individuals or agencies richer but to enrich the lives of all of the habitants of the earth.

    Maybe the easiest way to curb the black market of the production of cannabis would be to eliminate controls of cannabis completely and forever. If anyone can produce it then there would be no money to be made and the moneys that would have been spent on $10000 kilograms of cannabis can stay in the hands of the consumer to be free to enjoy on other consumer products or in RSP’s, bolstering the economy and saving the government billions upon billions upon billions of dollars over the course of a generation.

    The charts in the aforementioned document were very well established and articulated regarding the cost benefits of the new proposed system. However, by deregulating cannabis now and for the future, you will see an increased economy of unfathomable proportions as new technologies, products and services will be made available to the general public.

    As for the safety of the individuals that use cannabis and their actions think about it like this, if you took a barroom full of patrons and gave them free alcohol, they would each consume as much liquor that they could, until they’re bodies shut them down by either vomiting or passing out. If they continue to drink they risk alcohol poisoning and death. Not to mention that they have put additional strain on their organs specifically they’re liver. If you want to see an example just look at any nightclub on the weekends that are filled with 18 and 19 year olds with mom and dads allowances.

    Now take a barroom full of cannabis users that are given free marihuana. They might consume cannabis for an hour or two before they decide to leave the bar, grab some food and enjoy a movie while peacefully drifting off to sleep. A healthy restful sleep unlike the one derived from drinking too much alcohol. All while producing negligible harmful effects to the human body, comparatively speaking.

    It is time for Canada to STOP taxing the sick and dying, stop looking for a way to generate taxes on everything especially a medicine. No added cost above the price of production, packaging, and simple delivery should be passed on to the consumer/patient.

    Please rethink this unworkable strategy that does absolutely nothing to curb black market trafficking of cannabis, and may actually make the violence and societal destruction even worse due to less production sites and hardcore criminal elements taking the industry back from the hundreds of mom and pop medical pot producer (the safest of illicit suppliers). It is time for Canada to make a positive change and rescind the obligations of international treaties that Canada volunteered to abide by regarding cannabis. They are useless for the furtherance of the human race. And by the way, cannabis is NOT a narcotic.

    Let me ask the human reading this just one more question. What if you, or your parents, or what if your child was struck with cancer, what if they were in excruciating pain, they couldn’t eat or sleep, and they were wasting away, death on their doorstep, one foot in the grave? What if there was a product that at minimum could ease just some of that pain, and at best, bring them back to life and cure what ails them? What if I told you that theoretically you could acquire this product at little to no cost, that you could produce it yourself and not rely on government agencies that force their rules upon the sick and dying by way of the police forces of this country? What if you could use this substance as a preventative measure to keep cancer and other diseases at bay? Would you not do everything in your power to provide this medicine to them? What if because of ridiculous rules you could not afford it?

    Yes there may be a demand for super hygienic cannabis, but at up to $88 per day or more for some patients, a set of rules that would not help curb violent gangs from leading the cannabis economy is a waste of billions of dollars. Not just taxpayers but the medical users and recreational users as well. If cannabis was not held hostage by the government then you could provide that medicine for $0.66 per gram. Less than 7.5% the cost that the government is proposing.

    Proper education of good growing practices and procedures, electrical set ups by qualified electricians could curb most, if not all, dangers associated with home grows. No need for security requirements if the plant is freed. Packaging and label requirements would be minimal.

    The need to inform local authorities would not need to be done. Record keeping would be for personal use only. Communities would be safer. Police would be able to concentrate their efforts to stop violent offenders from terrorizing the citizens, and move away from terrorizing the sick with swat teams raiding dispensaries and patients homes in a search for clandestine operations.

    It’s time for Canada to take a lead role on this planet and allow its citizens to freely grow and consume an organic alternative to chemicals that is being forced down out throats because there is NO alternative to pharmaceuticals available with any substantial effect in curing or treating pain without life altering side effects. Take morphine for instance. At high doses coma, seizures, death. Not to mention side effect of normal dosages. Itching, sedation, addiction. Just switching from opiates to cannabis will save millions of dollars due to decreases in crime rate of addicts looking for a fix and millions of dollars more in not having to treat addiction.

    Thank you for reading. Please respond in writing or email to all my questions in their entirety.


    Sparkky McPuff

    Sent to : [email protected]

  8. Anonymous on

    I recently wrote the Justice Minister Rob Nicholson on the issue of marijuana legalization.Yes,I did get a reply,thank you,but the content of the letter is beyond imagination.I feel that if I had written this letter in 1962,I would have gotten the exact same reply.What one can do with dealing with people SO MUCH OPPOSED TO ANY CHANGES IN THE LAW.It is as if the LeDain report and the senate committee report have never been written.Citing international treaties and constant dangers to health and gang control and other arguments that just dont make sense.I feel that the greatest danger to my health is not smoking my daily joint but getting such a negative reply.The light at the end of the tunnel has been shut down permanently by the conservatives and I have no idea where people like Mr.LARSEN and Mrs.Emery find the strength and courage to continue with their fight but to me it is a hopeless situation top continue living in a country where prohibition is the MASTER and the KING.

  9. Anonymous on

    I couldn’t agree more. Dinosaurs they are.

  10. CanadianGiant on

    I hate the Harper government and this bitch so much.