Sensible BC Tour: Dana Larsen Brings Marijuana Decrim Message to Port Alberni

POT TV – Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen speaking about marijuana decriminalization at the Port Alberni stop of his British Columbia tour on Dec 6, 2012.

Port Alberni activist and former BCMP candidate Mik Mann is also featured in the video.

Larsen, a former BC NDP leadership candidate and co-founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine, is spearheading the Sensible BC ballot initiative campaign to effectively decriminalize cannabis possession in the province of British Columbia.

“The Sensible Policing Act directs all police in BC to stop spending any time or resources on searching, seizing or arresting anyone for simple cannabis possession,” Larsen said. “The lawyers at Elections BC have confirmed that this legislation is within provincial jurisdiction and suitable for a referendum.”

Sensible BC is currently collecting contact information of supporters and putting volunteers in place to eventually collect the official signatures needed from September to November of 2013. If the group is successful in collecting enough signatures (10% of voters in all ridings), a referendum on the Sensible Policing Act will be held in 2014.